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Arrows Of Vengeance
Impetuous Warfare
Storming Abhorrent Forces
Savage Blasphemous Incantation
Rite Of Eradication
The Glorious Return Of Death

Maelstrom cover call to action

About Hamvak

Hamvak, a sonic entity conceived in 2015 by Dávid Vadkerti-Tóth, known as D, emerged as an evolution of Solus, a former atmospheric Black Metal project. This transformation marked the genesis of a new era, one that delves even deeper into the abyssal realms of War, Darkness, Vengeance, Death and Destruction, all portrayed with an uncompromising intensity and savage fervor.

The metamorphosis of the band’s identity not only heralded a profound shift in thematic exploration but also gave birth to a sound that is distinctly harsher, ferocious, and more dissonant than its predecessor.

In 2017, Hamvak manifested its new sonic vision through the release of the inaugural demo. This collection of three devastating hymns served as an invocation to the elder spirits of the primordial pantheon, setting the stage for what was to come.

In the year 2022, Hamvak resurfaced from the depths of pitch-black abysmal dimensions, unleashing storming abhorrent forces in the form of their debut full-length album, “Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations.” This monumental release comprises six ferocious songs, spanning nearly forty minutes of relentless auditory assault.

With “Maelstrom Of Abhorrent Incantations,” Hamvak has pushed the boundaries of its sound even further, constructing a soundscape that is darker and more disconcerting, forging a path towards greater ambition and obscurity within the realm of Death Metal.

Hamvak extends a resounding invitation to accompany him on a harrowing odyssey through the very core of Darkness itself. Within the ominous tapestry of his music, a conduit is meticulously woven, allowing us to invoke and confront the most malevolent facets of existence. Plunge headlong into the uncharted abyss of ceaseless obscurity, embarking on a profound exploration of the incantations that define a groundbreaking era of ABHORRENT DEATH METAL!





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